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                       Taking Care of Business:
                       Commercial Projects with Style

                       Fall 2017

                                     13                       30                        51                       72

                       WELCOME                                         42        Home is Where the Innovation Is:
                                                                                   A Residential Architect Branches into
                       5          From There to Here                               Commercial Design

                                    by Mary Fitch, AICP, Hon. AIA                       by Steven K. Dickens, AIA, LEED AP

                       n  DETAILSDC                                    n  OFFICE INTERIORS

                       13        This Side of the Tracks               50        The Medium is the Message:
                                                                                   Industrial Interior Sets a Forward-Looking
                                        by G. Martin Moeller, Jr., Assoc. AIA
                                                                                   Tone for PR Firm
                       n  COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS                                          by Denise Liebowitz
                          AND RENOVATIONS
                                                                       56        Democracy Lives In Light:
                                                                                   Washington Post Occupies State-of-the-Art
                       20        Every Story Has Two Sides:
                                   CORE’s New Office Building Addresses               New Facility
                                   a Complex Downtown Site                              by Steven K. Dickens, AIA, LEED AP

                                        by Ronald O’Rourke             64        Taking the Office for a Spin:
                                                                                   Toyota’s Government Affairs Division
                       28        Slipped Right In:                                 Exudes a Meticulous Elegance
                                   Shalom Baranes Inserts a New Building into                    by G. Martin Moeller, Jr., Assoc. AIA
                                   a Narrow F Street Site
                                        by Ronald O’Rourke
                                                                       72        Design at Work:
                       36        Starting Up in Woodridge:                         Breaking Down Barriers in a
               d.                                                                  Developer’s Office
                                   Abandoned Storefront Transformed into                    by Denise Liebowitz
                                   Coworking and Community Space
                                        by Peter James, AIA, LEED AP BD+C


                       ON THE COVER:  The new offices of The Washington Post, by Gensler.
                                                Photo © Garrett Rowland

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