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                       The Spirit of Design
                       Annual AIA|DC Awards Issue

                       Winter 2018

                                     20                       33                        52                       80

         er /
                       WELCOME                                         52        Multi-Family Affair:
                                                                                   High Design for Apartment
                       5          A Window onto the Holidays                       and Mixed-Use Projects

                                       by Mary Fitch, AICP, Hon. AIA                    by Peter James, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

                       n  AT THE DAC                                   60        Bespoke Living:
                                                                                   Exceptional Houses

                       15        The 2018 Awards Show                              and Apartments Earn Accolades
                                                                                        by G. Martin Moeller, Jr., Assoc. AIA

                       n  AWARD-WINNING PROJECTS
                         FOR 2018                                      74        Little Gems:
                                                                                   Small Residential Projects with Big Impact
                       18        On Common Ground:                                      by Ronald O’Rourke

                                  Two Civic Spaces Are Renovated
                                  and Improved                         84        Fine Points:
                                                                                   Jurors Recognize Two Projects
                                       by Ronald O’Rourke                          for Design Details
                                                                                        by Deane Madsen, Assoc. AIA
                       24        Urban Divine:
                                  Large-Scale Planning Projects        n  PRESIDENTIAL CITATIONS FOR 2018
                                  Promise Big Impacts
                                       by Steven K. Dickens, AIA, LEED AP  90        Special Mentions:

                       32        Business Acumen:                                  Presidential Citations Honor Sustainability
                                   Innovative Office and Retail Projects              and Universal Design
                                                                                        by G. Martin Moeller, Jr., Assoc. AIA
                                       by Steven K. Dickens, AIA, LEED AP

                       44        Schools of Thought:
                                   Outstanding Design for Academic Projects

                                       by Deane Madsen, Assoc. AIA


                       ON THE COVER:  Vapor House, by David Jameson Architect.
                                               Photo © Paul Warchol

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